TerraeMC Rules, ToS and Code of Conduct

1. Cheating, exploiting or using alternative accounts

1.1 Cheat clients and other modifications.

Cheat clients and other modifications that gives the players an unfair advantage aren't allowed.

This rule also prohibits the use of autoclickers and rebinding your keys to, for example, change your attack key to a keyboard key and then using a weight to hold down your attack key overnight while farming blazes or other mobs. You may still rebind your attack key as long as you yourself are physically holding down the key. You may not use this method in pvp, only for non-pvp activities.

This rule does not apply to:

- Performance improvement mods.
- Armor and effect status HUD mods.
- Purely aesthetic mods.
- Litematica (Pasting with litematica isn't allowed).

1.2 Assisting others in breaking server rules.

Players that helps other players in breaking any rules on this page will be punished.

1.3 Technical errors and server exploits.

Players are not allowed to take advantage of server exploits, it can be using bugs and even using slimefun items to damage people in no-pvp areas. If a player is found taking advantage of exploits without notifying staff may get permanently banned but might get rewarded if staff is notified.

1.4 Alternative accounts.

Alternative accounts aren't allowed. You may only use one account per player, expections can be made if you have someone else in your house playing on the server, but a video proof will be needed.

1.5 Causing lag to the TerraeMC servers.

Players creating lag machines, cobble-monsters, botting will be banned permanently.

2. Behavior and chat

2.1 Trapping players.

- Using traps to kill players and/or prevent them from escaping is not allowed. We cannot allow this as it makes players unable to play on the server and also unable to escape the trap which results in the player dying and losing their items.

- Keeping someone stuck for a short period of time, for instance if they are attacking your base is allowed, but you should kill them so they can keep playing as soon as possible.

2.2 TP Killing

TP Killing is not allowed at all. This TP killing is when you teleport a player to you, or you to them, with the intention of killing them.

2.3 Stealing and raiding players/towns/nations.

Stealing and raiding other players isn't allowed unless both nations are at war.

2.4 Spam.

Spamming messages in a way that it disturbs the chat is not allowed. Spammers may be warned and temporarily muted.

2.5 Toxicity.

Toxicity is not allowed on this server. Toxicity in chat includes:

- Harassing others.
- Pushing other players into self-harm.
- Encouraging hatred towards other players.
- Threatening to self-harm.
- Racist or sexual buildings.
- Being toxic towards the staff team or the players.
- Messages with sexual characters and sexual harassment.
- Hate Speech, discrimination in any form, such as negative comments related to skin color, race, disability, religions.

Repeated toxic behavior may lead to warnings, mutes and a permanent ban.

2.6 Impersonating players, towns or nations.

Impersonating players by taking advantage of, but not limited to, usernames, nicknames, town/nation names is not allowed. Offenders will be asked to revert to their proper character. If any damage is done staff may choose to ban the offending player.

2.7 Sharing personal information.

Sharing someone's personal information is strictly forbidden. Personal information can be, IRL pictures of players, phone numbers, home addresses, school or their work location, family relations and any IP-addresses.

2.8 Sharing links.

Malicious links are not allowed, this includes for virus containing links or ip loggers. Links redirecting to sexual or extremely disturbing websites are not allowed. Links as youtube videos, tweets are allowed!

2.9 Advertising.

Advertising is not allowed unless it is about our server.

2.10 Language in chat.

English is the only allowed language in the global chat. You can use /msg or discord dm's for other languages.

2.11 Scamming.

Scamming is forbidden, and can get you punished severely.

3. Griefing (Towny only)

3.1 Destroying land around or in claims.

Players are not allowed to damage terrain around or in claims around a 5 chunk radius area and damage will be rolled back. Players doing this more than once may get severely punished. Griefing can be:

- Placing lava or water to create cobble-monsters.
- Destroying blocks in claims.
- Burning houses with fire.

3.2 Destroying land in wilderness.

The Wilderness is a non claimed area. You are allowed to grief as long as that the structures aren't within or in close proximity to a claimed town. Breaking railways or ice roads isn't allowed even if it's in the wilderness.

3.3 Destroying/looting an unclaimed town.

You may grief/loot unclaimed towns only if the unclaimed town is deserted and the "owner" of the unclaimed town is inactive.

If you are unsure if the town's owner is inactive then you can ask a member of staff to check for you.

3.4 Claim blocking.

Claim blocking is placing claims near a town in order to block them from expanding their town.

- Claim blocking is placing claims near a town in order to block them from expanding their town.
- A town's claims count as blocking if they create long arms of claims. These arms are strictly forbidden since it blocks others from creating future towns and blocks other towns from expanding.
- Only mayors of towns that are being claim blocked will report the town that is claim blocking.
- Long arms can get removed at any moments and no refunds will be given.

3.5 Terraforming.

Terraforming in a way that it changes the town or country land in a unrecognizable way is not allowed. Creating islands are not allowed either.

3.6 Killing in claim, Toggling PVP, Pushing out of claim, Claim Camping.

- If a player is in his town claim you may not push him out of his claim in order to kill the player.
- You may not toggle pvp in order to kill a person in your claim.
- If a player is in his town claim you may not drown him or do anything to kill the player, you may only kill the player if he is in the wilderness but not when the player is inside his town.
- You may not camp at players claims in order to get an opportunity to kill them (camping is staying at the town border and not letting any chance to the player to go outside the town).
- Camping is allowed during war or if enemies.

4. Naming

4.1 Nation names.

Before creating a nation, read this rule carefully. Nations names can get changed or removed by a staff member if this rule isn't applied.

- Nation name must correspond with map location of the nation capital.
- Nation cannot have a similar name to another nation.
- Nation cannot be named after unions.
- Nation cannot be named after alliances.
- Nation cannot be named after a continent.

4.2 Town names.

Before creating a town, read this rule carefully. Town name can be changed by a staff member if this rule isn't applied.

- Town names cannot be offensive.
- Towns cannot have a similar name to another town.

4.3 Nicknames, Minecraft usernames.

Do not use sexual, racist or otherwise inappropriate nicknames, Minecraft usernames.


For further support please open a ticket on our Discord server

This server is hosted by Pebblehost!